Integrity & Ethics Award

The GCAO Board of Directors initiated the award in 1999 to recognize an individual who has consistently displayed the merits of this distinctive award.

The nomination of a worthy recipient is something that must be taken seriously and draw upon our deep convictions that the person maintains the caliber and degree of standards necessary to achieve the respect of their peers, their associates, their business partners and themselves.

A nomination of such a person involves a known principle that this candidate works diligently at building bridges of communication, honesty, and fair play among the many canyons of policy, law, emotions, tender and contract law.

This same person must scale the enormous obstacles of employee relations, client relations and peer pressures all the time remaining steadfast in administration of fair treatment to all.

This person must be enduring of the business and the business community, both constantly changing, by coping adapting, and continually leading.

The Award serves as recognition to a “JOB WELL DONE” to deserving individuals within our Association and the construction community at large.

Past Winners

The following recipients of the GCAO Intergrity and Ethics Award have all demonstrated leadership in our industry and exemplified ethical business behaviour:

2016 Ted Ruiter
2015 Dwight Brown 
2014 Robert Merkley
2013 Robert Matthews
2012 Dennis and Micheline Drevniok
2011 Bill Pieterson
2010 Serge Massicotte
2009 Mike Rushton
2008 Ron Barrie
2007 Alex Rankin
2006 Richard Moore
2005 John Westeinde
2004 John Adjeleian
2003 Zeev Vered
2002 Helmut Mueller
2001 Bill Riddell
2000 Glen Morley
1999 Dick Zeidler