Integrity and Ethics Awards

The Award

The General Contractors Association of Ottawa created its Integrity and Ethics Award to honour an individual who has demonstrated a consistently high standard of integrity and ethics in dealing with local construction industry participants. There may be one such award presented each year.


Those nominated must be employed in a management capacity for at least 10 years. Nominees must be known to empol y a highs tandard of integrity and ethics ind ealings with owners, design consultants, contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers and fellow employees.

Nominees may be considered for the Award who are not employed by member firms of the Association – e.g. a consultant, owner, subcontractor etc.

Leadership positions in local, provincial or national construction associations will be considered as a positive factor.

The Board of Directors may vary these criteria in special circumstances.

Nomination Procedures

Nominations must be submitted in writing addressed to:

The President
General Contractors Association of Ottawa
P.O. Box 274
Greely, ON K4P 1N6

Nominations must be received by no later than January 30th, 2017.

Nominations should ordinarily include the following:

  • A brief commentary as to the appropriateness of the nominee for consideration as a recipient of the Award; this may be in the form of the covering letter.
  • Biographical information such as is usually contained in a Curriculum Vitae.
  • Any other pertinent information demonstrating the worthiness of the nominee for consideration as a recipient of the Award.
  • An Appendix containing letters supporting the nomination from Owners, Design Consultants, General and Trade Contractors, Suppliers, and Colleagues who have known the nominee for at least 5 years and who have been in a position to assess the nominee’s high standards of integrity and ethics.

Adjudication Procedure

Nominations will be reviewed by the Association’s Board of Directors, whose members will determine whether or not an Award will be presented in any given year. Selection decisions will be based on the information provided in the Nomination(s), supplemented by information in the Association’s records and interviews with pertinent members, subcontractors, suppliers, consultants and owners.

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