Privacy Policy


Pursuant to the federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (“PIPEDA”), the following personal information has been collected by the Association:

1. Application Form

The Association’s Membership Application Form requests information with respect to the company’s telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address, web-site and representative’s name.

2. Web Site

The Association’s web-site contains the telephone and fax numbers and e-mail addresses of members of the Board of Directors. The purpose is to facilitate communication between Directors and also between Members and the appropriate Director (i.e. the one whose portfolio relates to the topic which the Member wishes to raise). Those Directors whose e-mail address is listed have given their permission for such action.

The Association’s web-site also contains a Membership Directory which lists the information derived from membership records. Links are provided to those firms which have their own web-site. Public and Private Owners and Design Consultants have been advised that the GCAO web-site is a valuable basic database to assist them in the selection of firms to consider for their projects. Some of the listings in the

GCAO web-site and Members’ web-sites contain the e-mail address of individuals in the firms to whom inquiries should be directed. Insofar as the GCAO web-site is concerned, the Member firms have been asked to certify that they approve of this identification.

3. Reception Invitation List

The Association hosts an Annual Appreciation Reception to which Owners, Architects, Consulting Engineers etc. are invited. The GCAO Secretary maintains a mailing list in electronic form from which address labels are generated for the mailing of printed invitations. In most cases the addresses are those of companies but in some instances they are addressed to public office holders or officials or other individuals. The mailing list is not used for any other purposes or provided to any other organization.

4. Letters to Owners

The Association is a member of BILDCO-Ottawa. This joint committee periodically sends a “Letter to the Principal Owners of Ottawa and Surrounding Region”. These letters are sent to public bodies or private corporations, addressed to the attention of the appropriate official. The distribution list is maintained by a Director of the Association, who distributes the letters by fax. The list is not used for any other purpose or made available to any other organization.